Recommendations for Repertoire Selection

  1. Concert length – thirty to forty minutes total

  1. Repertoire (General)

    1. Appropriate two-year college repertoire for a choral ensemble of approximately 130-150 singers.

    2. The quality of music for this ensemble must approximate the level of competency at a minimum of Grade IV on the Texas Prescribed Music List of the University Interscholastic League.

    3. The concert should include works from various historical, stylistic, and compositional perspectives.

  1. Repertoire (Specific)

    1. Works arranged, edited, or composed by the conductor are acceptable with a limit of two pieces.

    2. Due to budget and structural size considerations, all instrumental accompaniment for specific works other than keyboard should be discussed with the All State Choir Coordinator for that year.

    3. It is suggested that the conductor might select one small major work.

    4. A separate piece for men and for women could be selected.